Lone flying


We must follow and be seen to be following these rules:-

Flying by yourself :-

A. You must wear a fluorescent vest at all times.

B. Lone fliers should not fly large, heavy or fast models (max size .53 2st or .61 4st)

C. Extra care and visual scans must be taken before taking off.

D. No low - passes, prop hanging, 3d flying or inappropriate aerobatics.

E. Landings must be within the immediate field of view of the pilot.

F. This means the landing should be completed and the model stopped before the model passes the pilot.

When NOT flying alone:-

MARSHALS are still required as usual.

If 2 or more fliers are present at the field a safety marshal must be in place wearing fluorescent vest.

Failure to abide by the above rules will result in you being asked to meet with the Committee where disciplinary action will be taken which may lead to membership removal

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